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Everything Is Bigger In Texas-So Stand Out With Our Fresh Responsive Designs!

Web Sites Are Built With The User In Mind. That being said You want the website to be easy to navigate.  If the site is not easily navigable then the user cannot find the information they are searching for and will “bounce” off your site and back to the search engines. Our silo structures we set up are easy on the user and help with the user experience.
Most website owners want to monetize their site.  We design our sites to be search engine friendly.  We design first for the user experience, which helps for the SEO metrics, but we also design with rankings in mind.  We want you to be able to monetize the site and come away with a huge ROI.  Web designers that can help your SEO structures?  Yes, we do that.

Responsive Web Site Design & Intelligent SEO Friendly Architecture

We Can Make Your Web Site The Authority in your market.  We understand Google’s Algorithm updates and we stay up on coming changes.  We know what the search engines want and we give it to them.  The results are highly relevant web sites and social media properties that rank on the first page of Google, Bing, & Yahoo.
Whether you want a national campaign worthy web site and marketing efforts or a local search, IMS can deliver the website and social media properties necessary to get eyes on page and converting for you. Houston is a hot bed of business development currently- so do something to stand out.
Our In house SEO and Web Developers means that there is quality control.  We know what we are doing, and without having to outsource and pay another company to do the work, we can pass that savings along to you.  When you do business with us, it stays with us.
Full Service Digital Marketing Agency.  We can help with with PPC-Facebook Ads-Retargeting-Press Releases-E Commerce-SEO-Web Design-Social Media-Reputation Mgt.  We are a  sole source capable agency. Would you lie to do more than just rank a web site on the first page of Google?  Our Front Page Domination Strategies allow your business to rank multiple listings, like Yelp, YouTube Videos,Facebook Pages, Twitter, Pinterest and others.
When you hire “cheap seo companies” or “rank you on any keyword on the first page of Google for $199 guaranteed”. Typically what you get are spammy low quality links that hurt your site and can often get it Banned from Google’s Index.
Middle of the road SEO companies can deliver results, but often they do not stick.
What IMS does is create lasting quality SEO both on page and off page.  Our White Hat SEO Tactics make sure that you remain at the top of the search engines while protecting your assets. We leverage and implement strategies to capitalize on Google’s algorithms to make your web site stand out on page 1.
Paradigm Shift in Platforms
Responsive Site Design-

  • As more people are moving away from traditional desktops and laptops in favor of tablets, and their cell phones, site design needs to adapt.
    • Responsive Design means that the site scales easily across all platforms, delivering a uniform experience
  • This is positive for a few reason-
    • Google only has to index one version of your site. If you have an “old school” design that has mobile or desktop version, Google has to index two sites.  They don’t like that and it can and does affect your ability to rank well in searches.
    • User does not have to pinch and zoom on their tablet or mobile phone.  Ease of use and user experience is much higher on newer designs.
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