Does It Feel Like You Are Swimming In Shark Infested Waters?

Integrated Marketing Solutions gives you the competitive advantage to stand out, and dominate your competition.

We Empower Your Website.  Simply Put, We give Google, Bing, and Yahoo What They are looking For. Strong Content, Authoritative Contextually Relevant Links From Others in Your Market.  We know what The Search Engines Want and we give it to them.
From Local To National Searches, We have ranked Them all on the first pages of searches.  Doing business with us means you get consistent, stable rankings with WHITE HAT SEO TACTICS.
We have a  Team Of SEO Experts & Web Designers in house.  That means we control the quality of the work being done.  Rest assured when you hire us, your work stays with us.
You Will Love The Results.  From Our Beautiful Web Designs, to the Stellar Rankings on the first page of Google.  Oh yeah- We also can rank more than just your website on the first page.  Imagine blanketing the first page with Facebook, Yelp,YouTube.  Yes, We can do that.

You found this page using the Power of Search Engine Optimization looking for terms like, “SEO In my city” and landed on our site.  We are pleased that you did.  We would like to invite to you look around and get to know what our Agency is about. We deliver high quality long lasting digital marketing results to local, regional and national brands and businesses looking to make an impact in their marketplace.

We value longevity for your business and for ours as well.  Therefore, we do not use tactics that can damage the long term health of your website or your business. We respect any individual or business that is looking to get a let up on the competition.  If that is you and if you have been looking for an “Unfair Competitive Advantage”, look no further.

We are a team of Three SEO Experts who have been in Internet Marketing a combined 21 years. Thank you for coming to our site and we hope that you will reach out to us so that we can find out how we can HELP YOUR BUSINESS.

Steve Twomey

Steve Twomey

Founding Member and Director Of Operations

Steve is the Company Visionary and SEO Strategist. He excels in SEO Structure and Flow. When you want to move up in the rankings Steve is your guy

Kea Kou

Kea Kou

Co Founder and Lead SEO Strategist

Kea is a bit of an SEO Ninja. When you have questions about technical aspects that no one else know, Kea is your guy.

Jason Gilbert

Jason Gilbert

Co Founder and SEO Architect

Jason's understanding of search patterns is exceptional. This skill set can deliver HUGE ROI for you by ranking your company for massively valuable search terms that no other competition is going after, because they simply do not know any better. When You need off the wall ideas that work, Jason is your guy.

When you hire “cheap seo companies” or “rank you on any keyword on the first page of Google for $199 guaranteed”. Typically what you get are spammy low quality links that hurt your site and can often get it Banned from Google’s Index.
Middle of the road SEO companies can deliver results, but often they do not stick.
What IMS does is create lasting quality SEO both on page and off page.  Our White Hat SEO Tactics make sure that you remain at the top of the search engines while protecting your assets. We leverage and implement strategies to capitalize on Google’s algorithms to make your web site stand out on page 1.

Ahead Of The Curve

We are part of an exclusive mastermind group that is home to some of the top SEO’s in the world.  When you partner with IMS, you get ALL of our expertise and the Expertise of our colleagues.  We are continually educating ourselves to stay on the bleeding edge of SEO and Internet Marketing.  When you partner with us you get REAL PEOPLE who care about their craft and YOUR BUSINESS.


We send monthly reports to let you know how your site(s) are performing for SERPS (Search Engine Results Placement). No guessing as to how your site is performing.  We give you real viable information that you can see.  We want you to understand that there is no smoke and mirror show here, we want you to feel comfortable and knowing that you are getting a premium service from IMS.

We Are Your Internet Marketing Partners

You have access to our mobile phones and our email.  When you need something or someone to talk to resolve your issues we stand behind our services. We truly invest time and money into making your business successful.  When you and your business succeed, we do as well.

Return On Investment

We do not want to cost you money.  We are here to help make your business grow.  Investing in our services results in higher ROI for your marketing dollars. Our SEO skill set and frame of mind is toward the future of internet marketing.  It’s designed to be affordable enough so you can make an Return On Investment with only a few sales a month.  We want to partner with you, and make you money not cost you money.

Who Are Services Are For


We would love to help everyone with our world class SEO Talent. However, since our clients have talked to their colleagues and friends about how we have helped their businesses achieve high-levels of success, our referrals are coming in faster than ever. Because our time is finite and we do all of the work our selves in house -very important to note that we do not have any interns or “newbie SEO’s” doing your work, only seasoned professionals.

Our Internet Marketing Services are for companies that are up and running and want to get a leg up on the competition.  Well, consider us your unfair advantage.

If you are in the get rich quick schemes, adult themed markets- we have respectfully decided to not work in that area.

Your business does not need to be a nationally recognized brand, you simply need to have a presence in your local market.  We choose to work with people of high integrity that have a good reputation in their community and work place. Who we work with reflects on us, that is why we are selective. At the end of the day we will work harder than any of Marketing Company to deliver results for you.  As business owners ourselves we truly understand what it takes to drive a company toward expansion and to make it successful and we look forward to speaking with you about how we can do the same for your business.